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​"Only from the heart can you touch the sky"  


emergence reviews

"Emergence, by Pamela Stone is a work of brilliance, beauty, enlightenment

and grace that reaches deep into your heart, soul and mind to reveal to yourself the unique, loving

individual that you are, while at the same time connecting your special quintessence to everything that ever was or will be.  Absorbing Ms. Stone's elegant writings is a transformative gift that celebrates the wondrous, perplexing, exhilarating, soul-searching journey that leads us down a precarious, inward path filled with mind-expanding, illuminated passages that shine a celestial light on the true grace of our humanity and beautifully inscribes the purpose of our existence onto the life-force walls of our hearts. 

 This book should be read when you're having a bad day to lift your spirits and bring you back to the truth about what is truly important in this fleeting life.  This book should be read when you're feeling lost or alone to comfort you; to bring you peace and guide you back to your center.  This book should be read when you're feeling joyful to help you celebrate all that is good.  This book should be read with people you love to deepen your understanding of love and strengthen the sacred bonds between you.  

Simply, this book should be read.  

If everyone on this big, spinning planet read Emergence, time would slow down

and we would all catch our breath again.  Wars would stop, peace would reign and happiness would fill our daily lives, not just in our nightly dreams of potentials yet to be realized."

R.J. Stone

 "Emergence, A Poetic Passage for the Emerging Self,

is a profound look at the essences that lies at the center of our intelligent universe.  Pamela Stone 

authors the book and makes the premise that our universe is filled with "the wisdom of the atmosphere, soil, wind

rain, trees, plants, animals, birds and every little insect that teaches us the precious nature of all things and that we must care for and protect them if they and ourselves are to survive."  This intelligent universe is imbued with a collective conscience and the soul of every living being is part of this collective.  Emergence takes us through Pamela Stone's beautiful, yet tumultuous, life journey into her own soul.  She begins with many questions outlined in her first poem, Emerging Self.   Ms. Stone makes no assumptions about what she will find, but instead, rises to the challenge with a pure and persistent heart.  In her poem, Talk to the Wall, we are immersed in Ms. Stone's life struggles, her agony and fears that come to all of us during this life.  The apropos use of "the wall" as a metaphor for "talking to oneself" lends itself to beautiful clarity and humility and is one of many examples of Ms. Stone's poetic writing abilities.  Ms. Stone's poem, This Day, encourages us to pursue our journey to our self, "to a new existence we make" and to trust that what lies at the center of our intelligent universe is "pure love", if only

we have the courage to ask.  Ms. Stone has surely succeeded in her quest." 

"I am deeply moved by Emergence and forever changed by it...

this book needs to be out in the world!"  

Julia Martin  

"As I opened my Emergence book early one quiet morning, I was excited to read it from cover to cover,

which I did.  As I started to read the poems, the hair on my neck began to rise.  All the poems touched my heart and soul, and some made me feel as though I had been enlightened.  The images for the poems are so absolutely striking that looking at them puts you in an unbelievably peaceful and meditative place.  You want to keep turning the pages to yet another image and poem.  And, when you have finished reading Emergence, you ask yourself if you have ever experienced in your lifetime what these wonderful words have expressed... 

and you know that you surely hope you have."   

Patricia Stone

"Emergence is a collection of inspirational poems purposely placed throughout its pages in a

captivating order that takes you on a very enlightening and introspective experience into self. 

 This is a new consciousness of poetic language that speaks directly to your soul...

it is profound, heartfelt and a guiding light on the path of sobriety."

Brandon Brown

​"Emergence is a book that helps me to listen to life.  I use it to set expectations for my day.  It provides

guidance for me when I deal with personal situations good and bad.  I open the book in random places and it's

as if the universe is picking a poem to put perspective into a situation.  Emergence is the universe's magic eight ball appearing with a message for me.  It is also text book of consciousness, and if you want to elevate your being, you will do so within these pages.  Each poem is a step on the escalator of self-empowerment.  For me, it was like the author went into my body, and into the years of my life, then detailed everything I have gone through; all the while providing me teachings on how to shed my old skin and step into a beautiful white light.  My thoughts are different now; my decision-making is better and my being has become more grounded.   

I feel a greater purpose after having read Emergence."

Ryan Brown 

   "Love, peace, adversity, futility -- just a few of the topics we face on our journey through Emergence.  The vast magnitude of subject matter is paramount to acknowledging the burdens and delights that weigh and dance on each and every human being on Earth.  As a society of humans with access to every technological advantage of the 21st century, how is it that we struggle so desperately to connect -- to change our self-diagnoses from terminal difference.  Sometimes it takes an outside ember to spark the internal flame of self-discovery.  The soulfully, masterful combination of Pamela Stone's beautiful and cosmically crafted poetry and jaw-dropping images that transport you to another time and place within yourself, beckon your true path to practically unfold itself before you.  To read Emergence, you will naturally emerge reflective, but also, enlightened with a true clarity of purpose.  The SoulEssence Series is a blueprint for what Mother Earth wants us 

to take from our precious time here."

Jessica Williams

"I am so thankful that Pamela has shared her poetry with the world.  She writes with conviction and passion for her life's journey.  As I read Emergence, ​her words transcend through me, her personal reflections of nature and life have enlightened me to all that surrounds me, but I have often failed to notice."

 "Pamela's words are calming, thought provoking and powerful."

Rolene Young

"Emergence, as seen through the eyes of a musician, has become a song that plays over and over

with a melody and chorus emerging more beautiful than the verse before."

Alan Young

"When I first got Emergence I was so thrilled.  I wanted to savor each and every page.

 The ​dedication alone is profound and the pictures are equally amazing.  I wanted to read it all at once, but then I didn't want it to end.   As I read each poem over and over again, they took me to a another place inside of myself...  and took my breath away.  They will truly be poems I will reflect on each day.  I hope so many people buy this book because Pamela has a way of speaking to your soul that most of us who feel an emotion have no way of expressing the depth of it in the way that she does.  I am amazed by her true gift and thank her

for sharing it with the world... I am her #1 fan." 

Denise McCoy

"Absolutely beautiful... Pamela has a way of making words magical.  

Emergence is soulful and inspires us think about all that is within and outside of ourselves."

Sharlin Worden 

"Emergence is awesome... I like to use its poetry and pictures as meditations.     

This book is empowering and I want to share it with others... I feel the love from it."

Cheryl Warren

"Emergence is an amazing delivery of Pamela Stone's perspective on life emotions.

 The images are unbelievable...  

an incredible accomplishment!"

​Kendall Stone