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"When inward tenderness finds the secret hurt,

pain itself will crack the rock and ah! let the soul emerge"


about emergence

​ In a dauntless effort to evolve from old world consciousness and life-threatening paradigms that have long held our planet and humanity in a stifling grip, it is urgently incumbent upon each of us to look within and find our unconditioned, unmasked Self… that infinite and true Self whose innate intelligence is as powerful as the Sun emerging into each day 
​shining ​its life-giving light upon Earth.

​Emergence, A Poetic Passage for the Emerging Self, is a must-read compilation of introspective thoughts and poems specifically written to accompany us on our journey into Self… a mindful companion to be ever-present along the arduous, winding path. With its every word infused with love and riveting images, it leaves an energetic imprint that forever stamps our cosmic passport with the freedom to travel into the depths of a new world consciousness. Emergence brings to awareness the sacred matrix of life in which we all are divinely connected and asks us to be reverent of our every ​thought, word, deed and action. 

As we move through its beautiful, breath-taking pages that invite us to linger in quiet mediation and self-reflection, we are further enlightened by the imploring words of Rumi,
​who profoundly speaks to us from a distant age to guide us now.  ​Embracing his wisdom that,  “poems are rough notations for the music we are,"  Emergence reminds us that we must consciously script the poetry of our being, so that we truly can​
speak a new language so that the world will be a new world.”  
​We must sing the song of our soul and be in resonance with all of Creation for harmony to prevail. ​ We must write the musical score composed from the beat of our hearts and play a resounding, healing tune for all to hear.​

​And, we must conduct a planetary concert that will rock the entire Universe with a love
that came into existence only because we were courageous and fearless enough
​ to bring our true Self into its full emergence
​​ and then selflessly breathe a resuscitating breath into our planet
​ that is so desperately gasping for air.